Sugarcane Revival (2015) 

Sugarcane Revival Beth McKee

“On Sugarcane Revival, self-described ‘swamp sista’ Beth McKee takes listeners on a soulful journey through back-roads and bayous of the gulf region … a majority of the album’s 13 songs address themes of travel and discovery, a search for satisfaction in both place and self. McKee appears here as a restless spirit, constantly searching, yet never adrift.” — Ed Whitelock (PopMatters)

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Next to Nowhere (2012)

“While the sounds on Next to Nowhere are rooted in the great musical hallmarks of the past, it’s only because they speak eternally. So do McKee’s songs: they poetically, yet directly, come right at the gristle and grain of life itself — without reservation. They wear their scars as badges of honor; their victories with grace, sass, and swagger. Her protagonists detail our own struggles, failures, celebrations, loves, and losses with honesty, commitment, acceptance, and willingness. All this in an era when we need them most. Tough, tender, and resilient, McKee’s excellent Next to Nowhere comes from a songwriter we need to hear more from. Period.” — Thom Jurek (AllMusic)

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Next to Nowhere Beth McKee

I’m That Way (2009) 

Im That Way Beth McKee

“Standouts from the Bobby Charles legacy are here, charged with vigor from Ms. McKee’s vocal chops and set ablaze with horns from her band.  She succeeds in sidestepping the usual question that accompanies remakes and covers, which is, “What’s the point?” Here, the point is to connect with the spirit of the songwriter and to celebrate the New Orleans, Louisiana, heritage that informs the music.” — Quentin B. Huff (PopMatters)

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